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Youth Against Fascism – Libertad y Justicia….. Para Quien?  EP

This is an essential, but unfortunately obscure, slab of mid-90’s Chicago latino punk rock.  To me, this record is completely on par with the best records released by that certain other band from the same time and place which is now enormously popular.  Simple, pissed off, catchy, and defiant; I fucking love this record.  I first bought this record when I saw Youth Against Fascism open for State of Fear, Active Minds (from UK) and the Fun People from Argentina, at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, some time in 1996.  Awesome show.  I think it may have been my first international punk show, and it was fucking great.  The Fun People are still the only band from South America that I’ve ever seen, they were really great live and I love their recordings, too.  I’ve never actually seen one of their records, (they had sold out by the time they reached Chicago) but several years after I saw them I was finally able to track down some of their music on the web, and I was not disappointed.  Active Minds were really neat, definately the first (and only) two piece anarcho thrash band I’ve ever seen.  They have a bunch of records out on their own label, Looney Tunes, and on those records there are many short and sweet songs that make me grin. State of Fear was probably good, but the only thing I remember about their set was that they played the instrumental intro to ‘Teenage Time Killer’ by Rudimentary Peni.  I don’t really remember Youth Against Fascism’s  performance, but I know I liked them, because I clearly remember talking to them and some guys from Fun People and buying a bunch of Latin American punk records from them, the most memorable of which were the Revolucion X seven inches – awesome Mexican ‘Zapatista’ punk.


So anyway, as I said, I fucking love this record.  The hit is definately the title track, which, in my mind, is right up there with ‘!Levantante!’ by the famous band I alluded to at the start of this post.  This was the only time I ever saw YAF, but I know they later shortened their name to Youth Against (maybe after they heard about the Sonic Youth song?).  I also know that they put out an awesome LP, because I found it in a box of records someone was selling about a year ago.  I can’t find any specific information on the web about this band or their label, so if you know anything, please share.  Anyway, check this shit out. It rules.


For a zip archive containing 320 Kbps MP3 files and all cover, insert, and label scans, click below….



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HINGE – Meaning EP 1994

This is a great EP from an all but forgotten Milwaukee band. I found this record in a local dollar bin, and I was immediately struck by the stark but beautiful artwork, featuring appropriated photographs.  I had never heard of this group, but I am definately happy to add this record to my collection.  The music is well written emotional hardcore, which could perhaps be likened to a less gruff Econochrist,  and it sounds great on the record.  This also came with a nice 8 page booklet with full lyrics, and artwork.  The best song on here is  ‘How The West Was Won’, an impassioned rebellion against the bullshit lies that we as American children are taught in order to gloss over the sick reality of the genocide which was perpetrated by the US government, and it’s citizens, against aboriginal Americans.  The first song, ‘Psalm’ also kicks ass with its pissed off chorus of “Where is your God? Where is Your God?”.   My favorite of these four songs, however, is ‘Rhyme and Reason’, a short, tight, thrash number that manages to remind me of both Oi Polloi and Minor Threat, oddly enough.  All in all a kick ass record from Wisconsin that deserves to be heard. Anyone with info on Hinge or Vagary Records, please comment!

Hinge Back

For the zip archive containing 320 kbps MP3’s of each song, and full quality JPG’s of all covers, vinyl and 8 page booklet, click below.


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This is one of those great thrift store finds that makes searching through endless piles of crap so very worth while.  This fascinating little 7″, which I found mixed in with a bunch of disco and Sesame Street 45’s and without any sleeve, was instantly intriguing to me, and I certainly had no qualms about dropping the eighteen cents to buy it.  So the pictures are pretty self explanatory, and you can find any info you might seek about Bell Telephone Laboratories with a simple web search.  I got the picture sleeve scan from The Personal Computer Museum, and if you are interested in reading the extensive liner notes that go along with this record, you should go there.  This record consists of several examples of early synthesized speech, interspersed with eloquent explanations from a (human) male speaker. There is also a bit of song, representing one of the earliest examples of electronically produced music. I assume that the odd words on the label are some of the speech sounds which would be fed to the computer on paper punch cards to tell it what to say. Duh, and I just now realized that they say “He Saw The Cat”.

Computer Speech

When I was a kid, I spent many hours playing with a little program called Dr. Sbaitso, which was a speech simulator that would say whatever you wanted it to, as well as sort of answering some questions you could ask of it.  Anyway the unfortunately un-named computer featured on this record is basically the great-grandaddy of Dr. Sbaitso, and while some of these artificial vocalizations are remarkably coherent, most of them are not.  For me, the best parts of this record are the two versions of that American classic song ‘Bicycle Built For Two’.  It really does sound sweet to be serenaded by this bizarre artificial voice.  Be sure to note that the second, accompanied version of this song required an extra computer to create the simple music which accompanies our love lorn crooner.  As with any encounter I have with antiquated technology, I am greatly impressed by the science represented on this record and, even more so, I am amazed at how far this technology has come.  So next time you are talking to a computer on the telephone, remember: it all started here.


So I was actually able to find several rips of this record with a quick web search, but since I am not one to be easily outdone, I have decided to include a rip of the hitherto un-digitized B-side of this record, which consists of a blank 35 second long groove ending in a locked groove which could play indefinately.  Now, why did they even bother to press a blank groove on the B-side? Who knows, either way, i have included an MP3 of it in the zip archive for this record, along with full scans and a couple of photos. Click below to download.


I was also playing around as my needle rode around in the locked groove and made a few little noise improvisations by layering some live effects onto the crackling sound made by the record. I cut out a few tracks, made a little picture, and folded it all into a zip archive for anyone who would like to hear it.




GAS BAG (who is this guy?)




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“I don’t think I like this day

Gotta get through it anyway.

Drugs, booze, I don’t care,

I feel weird…….”

-10-96, from ‘Dred Song’

Ok, here we go! Seein’ as how this is a blog all about Rock and Roll from Wisconsin I can only start with the most infamous and underappreciated band from Wisconsin, 10-96. From Kenosha, you can get some info on who these guys were, and on what the (surviving) members are up to from this link.  Together from 1983 until the probably not so untimely death of singer Dean Dirt in the late 90’s, these guys “Were told from the start that they’d never last” but their music deserves to live on forever. 


To me, this band is by far the ‘punkest’ band ever to come out of Wisconsin, not just for their fuckin’ attitude, but for their totally unique and ass kicking music.  10-96 combined old school, spit in yer eye Punk Rock and Roll with balls out, break neck, shit thrashin Hard Core in a way that I have never heard from any other band.  The music is chaotic, intense and fucking insane, with just enough catchy melody and humor to put it over the top into genius.  I don’t know their entire discography (please enlighten me!) but i do know they released two EP’s, a split 7″, and a fuckin legendary LP, all in the mid 90’s.    Check it out!



Onto the specific content of this post, the Gas Bag EP from 1994.  Though the recording is rough, I fucking love this record, and was super glad i found it again in a bargain bin about a year ago.  I had originally obtained it upon recommendation from whoever was selling records for URBN DK at one of their shows in Chicago in 1996. At first i found this record kind of confusing and even scary, but I soon came to love the awesome drunken thrash and dirty rock sounds on it, especially the alternately crazed and melodic vocals and the crazy wailing guitar leads.  Shit, not to mention the unrelenting thrashing drums.  With the longest original song on here (Mental Chant) lasting a mere 71 seconds, the last 20 of which are a crazy noisecore freakout, I think this record may have been an important factor in influencing my obsession with short songs. My favorite song here is ‘Bullshit’, fuckin kick ass no bullshit punk, but all of the other songs are great and have a unique intensity in their condensed and honest composition. Fuck yeah. Oh, and the last song is a cover of the Fuck Ups.

10-96 Gas Bag EP Track List

Download 10-96 – Gas Bag EP from link below. Ten song 7″ with all cover scans in archive. I can’t find the insert, though…

Also go to this awesome blog for their essential split 7″ with Chicago’s amazing Insult To Injury.

And go to their website for more tunes and to comment…

And finally, be sure to go over to Beer City Records and purchase the digital version of the LP “No Retreat”.  It is really good, and has much better recording quality than any of their other records.

Thanks to 10-96 for the tunes!

“Youth is an attitude, FUCKER!”