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Dead Radical

Two of the most exciting bands I’ve seen in the last two years just put out a split LP.  Sidetracked, from Tacoma Washington, and Dead Radical, from Scranton Pensylvania, who unfortunately just broke up.  Both of these bands specialize(d) in intense, short songs, and I was lucky enough to see both of them play in basements for hardly anyone else but me.  I had never heard of either band before I saw them, but I was definately won over by their respective performances, so imagine my delight when I found out that they were releasing a split LP together. So i have a few nice shots of Dead Radical, which are two years old now, and I feel like a total douche for not getting them to the band before they broke up.  So here, belatedly are those few pictures that I snapped whilst enjoying their fucking insane thrash:


I know that the guys in Dead Radical don’t look like the crustiest dudes ever to befoul the Earth, but they sure as fuck can sonically wallop the hell out of just about any bunch of dreadlocked dirtbag dipshits you can think of.  If you need proof, listen to their goddamn amazing self titled 18 song seven inch. I shit you not, it fucking kills.  Just look at this close-up of their drummer, taken from the first picture:


I mean, how can you get that beet red and sweaty without thrashin’ to the max?


It’s been less than a year since I saw Sidetracked, and I’m pretty sure that they are still together.  The set they played was seriously awesome, totally tight and succinct hardcore exclamations, most of which seemed to be within that magical 12 to 30 second length that I really love.  They played a lot of songs, but their set lasted no more than ten minutes, and it fucking kicked ass.  I only took a couple of snapshots, since i normally don’t even take out my camera until a band’s set is nearly over, and these guys caught me by surprise with an extremely short set. So at first I thought that this one picture that i am posting here really sucked, because all of the bandmembers’ faces are obscured, and the singer (who, incidentally, writes all of the songs and plays all of the instruments on the records) is nowhere in sight, but upon further contemplation, it struck me that this image might be a near perfect representation of this antithetical band.  Or it just sucks. You be the judge. One thing is certain, Sidetracked does NOT suck.