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Schizophrenic Melodies

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Hardcore 918V – s/t EP 198X

It almost always turns out to be the record that you almost didn’t buy, even though it was on sale for $0.50, that turns out to be one of the best out of the whole stack.  I was so iffy about this 45 because of the strange band name, and the fact that there was only a photocopied half sheet of paper inside of the dust sleeve instead of a proper cover.  And the store had like 4 of them that looked like they had been sitting there untouched for 25 years, which they more than likely had been.  Now I am kicking myself for not shelling out the two bucks for all four of them! 

So this is some sweet, ass kickin’, Slayer worshippin’ L.A. thrash metal!  I love this shit.  Straight forward, hardcore influenced thrash metal.  They sound sort of like Slayer mixed with Nuclear Assault, I guess.  They have a webpage which laments the fact that they were never signed to a major label, and that’s probably because this kinda stuff was all over the place back then.  Even if they had been signed, they’d probably be just as forgotten about today, but whatever, this shit kicks ass.  Especially ‘Think’, the last song. That song shows their punk influence the most, especially in the vocals and lyrics. It’s played all super fast and raging, and sounds kinda like if Cryptic Slaughter were a little bit slower and a lotta bit tighter. Killer stuff!

 UNfortunately, some aspects of the mix on this record aren’t very good, so some guitar leads are lost, but overall it’s a pretty good recording.  3 of the 4 tracks on this disk are on the bands ‘space, but my rips actually sound better, so HERE.

 They also have another, punker song up on their page.



Eat Cheese Or Die!

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Bitchslap – Illegal Use Of Your Future EP 1996

Forget about their crappy name, Bitchslap was the shit. 100% punk rock from Kenosha, Wisconsin.  This record is so damn good. It’s one of those records that just sticks out from all of the others as being memorable and awesome.  Fast catchy hardcore, played short and sweet with great punchy bass  lines and gruff dual vocals on most of the record.  The drummer ain’t afraid to use his double kick pedals, either. 

The song ‘Last Fat Shit’ is so damn good they put it on two records, and I’m happy to hear it every time.  It’s so awesome!!!!!  Yeah, I like this record.  I got this one from my friend Scott, who told me that he and his friends considered Bitchslap to be totally radical, back in the days of yore.  Scott’s band Legion Of Doom, who we shall hear from soon, even covered Bitchslap.  This record is sweet.  Great photograph on this one, too. I wonder if he offed himself?  Get your Keno-Core fix below:

These dudes are still kickin’ around in some new bands, including:

Eat Cheese Or Die

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Default – Restraint EP 199X

Here we have what I consider to be the best record by one of the most important Wisconsin hardcore bands of the 1990’s.  Default, from Manitowoc, released three or four EP’s in the mid 90’s, most of which were on local labels, but this one is on Anomie Records, out of Germany.  Members of this group have been in dozens of other hardcore and punk bands, and they were very influential to a lot of bands from the Wisconsin countryside during that time.  This particular record just fuckin’ rages from start to finish.  The eleven songs speed by in twelve minutes, and all of them have that perfect combination of simplicity and hooks.  Don’t be mistaken, the three pissed off singers aren’t being melodic at all, in fact they scream like bloody banshees the whole time; but the guitar riffs are just really good, giving even the shortest songs an epic quality.  One of my favorite things about these songs are the ringing guitar tones that occasionally rise above the chaos.  The bass is pummeling throughout, and the drums have an excellent sound and intensity.  The lyrics are pretty standard misanthropic fare, fitting the archetype for disenfranchised middle class youth. 

 The photograph on the front cover is fantastic.  It’s a really amazing picture, anyone know anything about it?  The back cover is a pretty darn good shot, too.  My favorite song on here is ‘The Failure’, and not only because it’s 17 seconds long, but because it’s a kick ass song! Check this record out, it’s really fucking good! 

Click below for HQ Rips & Scans…

Eat Cheese Or Die!

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One Day Away EP 199X

This record is like the perfect companion to the Hinge record that I posted earlier.  They are both very similar stylistically, thematically and asthetically.  They were released around the same time, and they both thank a lot of the same people!  I rescued them both from the same bargain bin, on the same day.  They probably both came from the same collection, even.  However, One Day Away was from Madison, while Hinge was from Milwaukee, and they do not appear to share any members.

So as soon as the tunes start rockin’, after the snap-crackle-poppin’ pause, you can only think ‘Wow, these guys must have loved Born Against’ (that is, if you’ve listened to Born Against).  It’s not just the similarity in the voice of the singer to this guy (though the singer of One Day Away has got nothin’ on him, in terms of sheer insane intensity), it’s the fact that a lot of the songs on this record sound a lot like Born Against, especially ‘Nails’.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s definately not a bad, in fact I wish more bands sounded like Born Against. We all know there are worse bands to emulate!

This one also comes with a huge booklet of art and writing. Yeah, these are a bunch of college kids for sure.  The essays range from cringe-worthy to pretty right on, but it is awesome that they thought it was important to right about what they thought was important.  The lyrics are actually pretty good, and there’s even an anti-Lincoln song (‘5 Dollar Bill’) which shares some lyrical themes with one of the songs on the Hinge record.  My favorite song on here is ‘Parasite’, mostly because I really like the  bass guitar sound on this song, in fact it reminds me of Crimson, a band that I will be posting soon. 

I think this picture on the back sleeve was probably taken by this person, who happens to be a really good photographer.  I also think my wife’s brother might have been in this band, but that is yet to be confirmed.  The only other place I’ve ever heard of this band is on a 7″ compilation called… I can’t remember what it’s called, but I think this band is on it.  Anyway, check this out, it’s a pretty fuckin’ good punk record from Wisconsin!

Get the HQ rips and scans below!


Here’s my first post of nature photography!  I’ve been practicing photography in an amateur, unschooled capacity ever since my Mom gave me her old digital camera for Christmas in 2001.  In that time, I’ve taken almost 30,000 photographs.  Yeah, that’s a whole fuck of a lot of photographs.  So, I guess I’m finally ready to start sharing some of them, for some reason. 

So I figured, what better way to start sharing than with some of my favorite shots of gnarly eight-eyed freaks!  Remember to click the image for a much larger and grosser version!

I found this beauty on a stump, under some bark, on Madeleine Island in Lake Superior.   This shot in particular has great detail on the eyes and fur. Yeah, this thing actually has fur.  I’m thinking it’s some sort of Wolf Spider. I think the colors on this animal are absolutely beautiful.

Here’s a nice shot of a common Garden Spider – a type of Orb Weaver.  The cool thing about this picture is that it is from below the spider, and you get a nice view of the spinerette – the web-excreting organ at the bottom of the abdomen. This guy appears to munching the remains of a bee or wasp.

This lovely fellow is the Goldenrod Crab Spider, which has the amazing ability to change colors from white to yellow and back again, so it can better hide in its chosen flower.  It can also catch a humongous fucking bumblebee, which makes this just about the most bad ass spider I’ve ever seen.  Check out the grains of pollen which have fallen from the bee onto the spider’s head.  I found this on a wild rose blossom on a cliff above Lake Oshkosh.

Jum-piiiing uh-Spiduh-l! (that’s for all you Ninja Warrior fans).  These things are just flippin awesome, free-roaming hunting spiders.  Look at the huge eyes, and the awesome colors, and it’s eating a fucking Deer Fly, which is awesome, because those fuckers bite.

This hairy motherfucker, a Huntsman spider, was one of about 150 of these freaky bastards that I encountered while cleaning out my Grandpa’s shed in Florida.  Now, normally I’m a real ‘live and let live’ kinda guy, but when one of these grapefruit-sized fuckers popped up from behind every rusty old can in Grandpa’s shed, I about lost it. Let’s just say I gained many experience points from wasting spiders that day!  You can find an excellent illustration of how large these freakin goblins are, and how well they can hide, here.

The Golden Silk Spider.  Pretty cool, huh?  Due to their size and color, these little monsters are called Banana Spiders down in Florida, where I took this picture.  This one lived in my chicken coop.  The first day that I was in Florida, I went wandering through the little orange grove that my Grandpa had planted.  As I was passing through two particularly large tangerine trees, I felt my head hit what seemed like a backyard volley ball net.  This was odd, since I had not seen any volleyball nets strung between the trees.  I stopped and backed up – and there before me was a huge golden spider web with an enormous golden spider in it.  The spider had a Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly, which, as I am sure you know, are quite large,  in it’s big hooked jaws –  and it was chewing the Swallowtail’s head off!  Unfortunately I did not have a camera yet.  Later,  I went to scope it out some more, and all that was left of the butterfly was two big wings on the ground.  Totally awesome; much cooler than how I learned about fire ants…

This is some sort of Argiope – but I call it the Evil Fuckin’ Skull Spider.


Schizophrenic Melodies

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Insult To Injury – Hostile Behavior EP – 1993

Oh man.  From Chicago, Illinois, USA – it’s Insult To Injury.  What can I say?  This band is the hardest, most shredding, fastest, toughest, meanest, ass kickin’est motherfuckin’ hardcore band to ever come out of Chicago.  No Fucking Shit.  Not only can you file this record right next to your Infest 7″ alphabetically, but you can also file it right next to Infest in your heart.

Most hardcore bands from Chicago, with a few notable exceptions, are a bunch of pussies.  That’s just an indisputable Fact.  They might sound tough, they might play fast, but really, they’re just a bunch of pale, skinny college kids with nice equipment.  Insult To Injury, on the other hand – they’re the real fuckin’ deal.

Ok, Ok, they might be pale and skinny, but these dudes scared the shit out of me when I was a teenager.  Just listen to this ass ripping record and you, too, will have your shit scared out of your own self.  (?)  Read the lyrics. They revolve around three key themes: 1)Beating the shit out of motherfuckers who ask for it. 2)Having a fucked up life/childhood. 3)Believing in yourself and living by your own rules.  Oh, and listen to the goddamn singer.  He gives the guy from Verbal Assault a real run for his money in the ‘yell at a thousand miles an hour’ category. Before I start to sound like Bruce Roehrs and ejaculate excessive amounts of adjectives about how much this band  fucking kicks ass, let me just say this: If you like hardcore punk, you will love I II I.  If you think you like hardcore punk, but you don’t like this record, then fuck off and die.   “.”

So far as I am concerned, this 10 song, 8 minute long record is their crowning acheivement.  They also released a split 7″ with 10-96 (which rules – see the link in my first post), and a split 7″ with Mexican Power Authority, (yeah – the post-Neos band).  If anyone has a copy of that record, I WANT IT.  I also found a copy of a CD that the band released several years later.  Unfortunately, on the CD they had abandoned the ripping mosquito guitars, brain boggling bass lines and lightning speed drumming that made their early releases so unique, in favor of a more moshy/NYHC sound.  It’s still a good hardcore record, but not as gonad grindingly good as their early material.  If anyone has or knows of any other material, please comment!  They do have an old Myspace with a few songs from the CD, and a pretty radical write up on how they were viewed in the ‘scene’:

By the way, I never saw this band play, I never heard anyone ever mention them, I never even saw one of their T-shirts.  They were basically unknown in the more well-known Chicago punk ‘scene’ of the 90’s.  I found out about them from their split 7″ with 10-96.

Here’s A video I made for the song ‘Nothing To Lose’.  Lyrics are included, so be sure to sing along!

Click the link below to download high quality 320 Kbps Mp3 files and complete cover scans in a .zip archive.  Enjoy!

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A Night on Bare Mountain and Other Russian Selections – Leopold Stokowski and his Orchestra – 2xEP 1954

Alright, alright. I’ll spare you the long winded musings and reminiscing about how awesome this music is, at least for now anyway.  Just know this: contained upon the brittle plastic disks within this yellowed sleeve is nearly half an hour of some of the best, and most awesomelly intense, symphonic music I have ever heard.  I’m sure you all know ‘A Night On Bare Mountain’ from the film Fantasia.  You know, the seen where Satan summons forth all of the demons, ghosts and witches to frolic in the flames of hell?  Yeah, that was pretty much the coolest thing I had ever seen, accompanied by the coolest music I had ever heard, when I was a little kid.  So naturally I was stok(owski)ed when I found this sweet little double seven inch set for 95 cents. 

Ok, I lied, I’m going to ramble on for a while.  So all you kids that love the Metallicas music better start clicking on this link and listening intently, because this shit, originally composed in 1867 by a psychotic drunk named Modest Moussorgsky, is heavy, fast, frightening and fucking metal.  It even has blast beats, for christ’s sake!  Never mind the fact that those whiny little hipster panty wastes ruined ‘ol Modest’s name.  This music will far outlive their annoying crap. 

This version was ‘orchestrated’ by Leopold Stokowski and is apparently the same score used in the movie.  The excerpt from the liner notes below is him describing the composition in his own words:

So, there you have it.  You’re welcome.

But wait!  That’s not all – there’s two other really awesome songs on this record!  The ‘Russian Easter Overture, Opus 36’ is really good, exciting, haunting, ecstatic and frenetic music.  Check the super creepy vocal part in the middle, and the great french horn parts.  But the best part of this song are the fast parts they are intensely beautiful!  This song was written by some guy named Rimsky-Korsakov, who was apparently Moussorgsky’s friend, so much so that he helped finish ‘A Night On Bare Mountain’ after Modest died. 

The last song is another great tune called the ‘Russian Sailors Dance’.  It starts out a little drunkenly, then gets a bit regal, then gets more and more excited, and before you know it the orchestra starts playing as fast as they can and it is flippin’ radical.  Really awesome song. Really awesome record!

Download a .zip archive with 320Kbps Mp3 files and complete high quality cover scans below!

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Tribulation – The First Page – demo cassette – 1987

The Gods of  Heavy Metal have smiled upon us all today.

From deep within the deepest Vaults of Rock, a hidden gem has finally been unearthed.  After nearly a quarter century hidden away, the world is only now ready to hear the Power and the Might of  Tribulation.  Behold! Your puny being shall be crushed beneath the awesome Power (and might) which is barely contained within the pitiful plastic case of this demo tape.  The amazing awesomeness and awesome amazingness held herein is so … amazingly …. awesome, that… ahh…. well it’s really not that awesome, actually.  In fact, this is by far some of the most terrible shit I’ve ever heard!

When I saw this tape, at a used book store of all places, my heart rate increased and my palms got all sweaty. I quickly grabbed it and added it to my pile of treasures while glancing around to be sure no one else was coveting my prize.  I knew this shit had to be good.

And I was right!  This is totally inept cheeseball Metal that is somehow still so completely awesome that I can listen to it over and over again! Really, I can listen to it like three times in a row!  The band is generally sloppy as hell, though at times they do pull it together pretty well.  The guitar solos are all completely terrible, but the drumming is right on at least 85% of the time.  In addition to some really questionable post production decisions, such as the hilarious fake pauses in ‘Taking Command’, Tribulation  play several of my favorite cliche metal riffs on this demo.  They also seem to have something of a Christian theme going on in the horrible  lyrics, which is pretty funny.   But the best part about this tape, the part that could someday make this tape infamous the world round, are the vocals. Oh! The VOCALS!  I still laugh out loud every time I hear the singer belt out ” Thee Ay-thee-uuhst!” in ‘The Atheist’.  The vocals are fucking hilarious.  And don’t forget the song ‘Fat Chicks’, a crowd favorite, I’m sure, where we learn that  “It’s always an Orgy with a Fat Chick” and that “We need Fat Chicks to Survive!”  God I love this tape.

Okay, now this is even funnier.  I was wondering what ever happened to these True Warriors of Wisconsin Metal, so I just did a little sleuthing… and I almost fell out of my chair with mirth upon realizing that the drummer from Tribulation now plays with Milwaukee’s very own über hipster, gaze upon thy shoes, gag-me-with-a-post rock band Collections of Colonies of Bees (or CoCoBees, as the true ‘ipsters call ’em)! Ha! I’m so going to one of their shows just to scream out “FAT CHICKS!!!!!” at every sensitive, sit-down-and-sway moment. YAY!  I love being an Asshole. 

Actually though, this guy is apparently a solo percussionist now, which is actually pretty cool, and his ambient/noise/jazz music is interesting.  Go figure! In fact, a few days ago, I was at a dour hipster bar and picked up a flier advertising a series of jazz concerts at another bar in my neighbourhood.  I remember being perplexed by the fact that so many of the performers listed on the flier had funny sounding Scandinavian names.  I thought to myself : “Am I totally unaware of an underground Swedish Jazz scene right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?” Well, it turns out that the drummer from Tribulation is setting up these shows with his touring European jazz musician friends!  I know you are probably bored to hell by all of this, but I am terribly amused by this shit.  I’m going to see ’em and have him sign my tape! hahahahahahahahaa

For High Quality MP3 files containing the music from this tape, as well as complete cover scans, etc., please click the link below: