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One Day Away EP 199X

This record is like the perfect companion to the Hinge record that I posted earlier.  They are both very similar stylistically, thematically and asthetically.  They were released around the same time, and they both thank a lot of the same people!  I rescued them both from the same bargain bin, on the same day.  They probably both came from the same collection, even.  However, One Day Away was from Madison, while Hinge was from Milwaukee, and they do not appear to share any members.

So as soon as the tunes start rockin’, after the snap-crackle-poppin’ pause, you can only think ‘Wow, these guys must have loved Born Against’ (that is, if you’ve listened to Born Against).  It’s not just the similarity in the voice of the singer to this guy (though the singer of One Day Away has got nothin’ on him, in terms of sheer insane intensity), it’s the fact that a lot of the songs on this record sound a lot like Born Against, especially ‘Nails’.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s definately not a bad, in fact I wish more bands sounded like Born Against. We all know there are worse bands to emulate!

This one also comes with a huge booklet of art and writing. Yeah, these are a bunch of college kids for sure.  The essays range from cringe-worthy to pretty right on, but it is awesome that they thought it was important to right about what they thought was important.  The lyrics are actually pretty good, and there’s even an anti-Lincoln song (‘5 Dollar Bill’) which shares some lyrical themes with one of the songs on the Hinge record.  My favorite song on here is ‘Parasite’, mostly because I really like the  bass guitar sound on this song, in fact it reminds me of Crimson, a band that I will be posting soon. 

I think this picture on the back sleeve was probably taken by this person, who happens to be a really good photographer.  I also think my wife’s brother might have been in this band, but that is yet to be confirmed.  The only other place I’ve ever heard of this band is on a 7″ compilation called… I can’t remember what it’s called, but I think this band is on it.  Anyway, check this out, it’s a pretty fuckin’ good punk record from Wisconsin!

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