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OAK Records

Schizophrenic Melodies

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I’ve been a fan of quality Bluegrass ever since a friend of mine left his Hot Rize tape in my car 13 years ago.  I’ve never been able to find many bluegrass records here in Wisconsin, though.  I did make a pretty sweet score a couple of months ago however, and here it is!  I found 4 different 45’s, all of them 4-song compilation EP’s put out by OAK Records from Ohio in 1962.  Each of the records have an overbearing Christian/Gospel theme to the music.  I could tell that they were obviously some kind of country music in the store, and I held out hope that they might just be Bluegrass so I bought all of them.  The most promising sign was that three of the records had songs by The Eastern Kentucky Boys, which just had to be Bluegrass.

So I eagerly listened to them, and it turns out that 6 of the 16 songs on those four records are some rip-snortin’ gospel bluegrass numbers.  Unfortunately, the other 9 songs are terrible gospel country. I mean terrible.   But, like I said, the fast bluegrass tunes are seriously awesome.  I’m pretty sure you won’t find these tracks anywhere else, so enjoy!

I’m only posting the Bluegrass tunes, not the country ones, so don’t worry!  If you want to hear the other tunes, than these records are for sale, leave a comment!!


Eat Cheese Or Die

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Crimson – Forge Winter – Cassette LP 1992 Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

Sometimes you can strike musical gold in the most unlikely places.  You just have be willing to dig for it!  I lucked out big time, when I found not one but four different demo tapes by this all-but-forgotten Progressive Thrash Metal band from Milwaukee.  This is the oldest one out of the bunch, and presumably their first.  Obviously as soon as I saw the sweet drawing of the Gnollish Minotaur with a short sword on the cover I had to shell out the two quarters for this tape!

The music is heavy progressive thrash metal with psychedelic tendencies.  There are a few rippin thrash tunes on this tape which definately make it worth the listen.  This is some great head banging shit!  The musicians are good, but they are obviously  inexperienced, so there are a few minor flubs and the solos aren’t that great, but for a first demo it’s really top notch.  The singer has a decent voice, and is not afraid to sing the high pitched Heavy Metal accents. 

This is a sweet DIY album, and I have found 3 more tapes by this group, each of which is better than the last, so stay tuned as I will post them soon.

Forge Winter

Schizophrenic Melodies

post # 8

Quartz – Nantucket Sleighride c/w Wildfire – 1980 England

I had no clue what this was when I found it, so it was a tough decision wether to pick it up or not.  The confusing cover was intriguing enough to catch my eye right away (especially since I was watching Whale Wars at the time) but the thing that ultimately made me spend the $2 on this record was the fact that the singer is doing a Hardcore Jump in the picture on the back.  I usually buy any unknown record featuring such an act, for if the band was not a rockin’, why wouldst they be a leapin’? Plus, the guitarist has a sweet Iommi ‘stache (not coincidentally, it turns out…)

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I played this, but what I heard got me really excited.  The A side, ‘Nantucket Sleighride’, was a hard track to pin down.  It is definately Heavy Metal, but it has a really wussy, commercial sounding part in the middle, but then it gets totally heavy again and rocks a bunch of riffs lifted directly from Black Sabbath.   It’s an epic tale about whaling, and it’s full of sick wailing guitar leads. Total 70’s hard rock proto maetal action.  Then the B-side sounds like slowed down Motorhead mixed with Black Sabbath, and the song, ‘Wildfire’, is a fucking awesome metal tune with a great simple riffs and leads and some killer Robert Plant-esque singing and it’s about smoking pot! “Wildfire – Smoking Grass!”

So at first I thought that because these guys played so slow and were giving so many blatant nods to Black Sabbath that maybe they were some forgotten Old Wave of British Heavy Metal band from like 1976 or something, but then I figured out that this record is actually from 1980. The Sabbath I was hearing was no coincidence, though.  Turns out that these guys toured with them and the guy playing keyboards was actually in Black Sabbath for a couple of years.   Then I found out that ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ is actually a cover of a band called Mountain, whose LP ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ features the song, which is about a whaler who fell victim to the Custom Of the Sea. I actually found that LP a few days later for only $4, and it is awesome! It’s very amusing to note that Quartz totally added Black Sabbath riffs to the song that are not in the original. Anyway check out this killer early metal record………

Fuck You, WHALE!!!!