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Happy Notes Orchestra – I Love You Waltz b/w Drinking Man’s Polka

Here’s a fantastic slice of Wisconsin polka that I dug up from a dusty old bin at the thrift store. The Happy Notes were a good times styled party band who might still be playing even today.  According to this short history, founding member Norm was a drummer who was influenced by Rock n’ Roll and Li’l Wally to start a rowdy, upbeat party polka band. 

 The I love You Waltz is ribald and funny and completely catchy.  You will surely sing it to the one that you love! Best of all, it’s:

A Drinking Man’s Polka seems to be the musical lament of a group of cuckolded men, “We left our Wives at home. We left our Skirts with 6 other Jerks, that’s why we’re drinking alone.”  Nice straight ahead Polish style Polka, with a verse in Polish.

Get drunk and listen to this.