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post #20Estigia EP – 2001

This was an awesome dollar bin find.  There isn’t much info around in English about this raging hardcore band from Zaragoza, Espana; but their music speaks for itself.  This record was recorded a few weeks after 9/11, and it opens with a shocking audio sample from a video of that infamous day. The music is straight up fast thrash crust with dual male/female vocals, and Spanish lyrics about the standard punk topics, with a heavy focus on animal rights.

The first song on this record, ‘IV Poder’, is especially remarkable because it features something I have never heard before: dueling male vs. female gang vocals!  It’s totally awesome to hear first the men, then the women scream “Cuarto Poder!” in this anti-corporate media song.

My favorite song from the record is the last song on the record: ‘Masacre Animal’, which features a great thrashing riff and fantastic vocals from the female singer in the group.  In fact, I like this song so much, I made a video for it!

This disk is something of a collecting gem for me because I found this DIY record from Spain in a $1 bin in Wisconsin.  The sleeve is hand made: the front is silk screened (you can see in the scan the strange color distortion caused by using a dirty squeegee to apply the ink), the picture on the back was hand cut and glued, and the sleeve is pink card stock that is held together with electrical tape. The record also came with a glossy printed insert with lyrics, song explanations and other propaganda, even some rough English lyrical translations. You can even see on the back cover where this sleeve stuck to the ink from another sleeve when it was stacked on top of it before the ink dried! Ah, DIY; ya gotta love it. The most notable thing about my copy is that it is hand-numbered “#001”.

You can tell this image is screen-printed by the tiny squares visible in this closeup… looks like a screen, don’t it?!

This definately is a cool hardcore record.  The only thing that really mars it is the overwhelming amount of loud audio samples in between songs, but all of the thrashin in the songs more than makes up for that.

Check it out Here!

This Spanish blog seems to have a discography and interview with the band.


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I learned to love music when I learned to love Punk Rock.  When I was a kid, the band that epitomized punk rock to me was the first punk band I had ever heard – the Dead Kennedys.  To this day if you told me that you had never heard any punk rock I would probably tell you to listen to the Dead Kennedys first. Naturally, as a consequence of listening to punk bands, I develeoped an aversion early on to that nemesis of all things punk rock: hippy music.  And everyone knows that one band epitomizes the sound of the hippies: The Grateful Dead.  Now nevermind the fact that I didn’t know what a hippy actually was, and nevermind the fact that I really had no idea what the Grateful Dead actually sounded like, just know that I knew that I hated them.  I had been thoroughly educated by umpteen punk songs, from Dead Kennedy’s producer Geza X’s band the Deadbeat’s  ‘Kill The Hippies’, to the Teen Idles’ mockery of the Grateful Dead in ‘Deadhead‘, it was an obligatory theme of early punk records to have at least some anti-hippie sentiment.  In fact I still remember my friend and I sharing a gleeful ‘high five’ when we heard that Jerry Garcia had died. It was as if we had just heard of the dethroning of some colossal tyrant.

So imagine my queezy skepticism when my friend Brian gave me a tape that he claimed had a recording of a Grateful Dead / Dead Kennedys collaboration on it. I imagine that his desire to share this with me was in some way a reciprocation for turning him on to punk rock by giving him a Dead Kennedys mix tape some time before. He told me that he had been listening to the radio, and that the local rock station had been plugging the fact that they were going to play an exclusive recording of the aforementioned collaboration.  This was several years before the DK’s inclusion in video games led to them being played regularly on ‘alternative’ corporate radio stations, so Brian smartly put his tape in the deck and hit “record”.

What he taped is the Grateful Dead playing a cover of the Dead Kennedy’s most infamous song – Nazi Punks Fuck Off!  The DJ claims that DK singer Jello Biafra sings backups but I don’t hear him – and he has a loud and unmistakeable voice.  The original version of this song must be one of the most well-known hardcore punk songs ever recorded, and its legendary intensity and vitriolic fury still stand up today over 30 years after it was recorded. This cover version by the Grateful Dead is much more subdued, both lyrically and musically. I discovered many years later that the tune they used for the song is the Mardi Gras standard Iko Iko.  It’s a completely different tune, but surprisingly enough it works perfectly with the song. Now it would probably be a big surprise to a lot of people that this recording was made, but I’ve begun to understand that punk rock owes a lot more to the hippies than most people realize.  First the obvious connection between the Grateful & the Kennedys – San Francisco is of course the most famous hippy city in the world, and at least the third most famous punk city in the world.  And a lot of the cornerstone aspects of punk rock that were mostly introduced to punk by the likes of the Dead Kennedys, especially things like protest lyrics, zines and independently released records, were all concepts that were pioneered by the San Francisco hippy bands. In fact, I would suggest that one of the single most obvious influences on the Dead Kennedys is the song ‘I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag’ by Country Joe & The Fish, who happen to have done very punk things like releasing 7″ EP’s and such.  It’s also obvious if you are familiar with Jello Biafra’s work that he is highly influenced by Pete Seeger, who was a pivotal influence to the SF hippies, too.  Anyway… you know what?  I really like this song!  In fact I think that this song probably had a lot to do with me beginning to branch out and investigate other types of music! So there you have it, I like the Grateful Dead Kennedys. Punk still rules though!

So I’ve checked the internet every few years to see if anyone has put this little gem up for posterity, but still nuthin’!  Apparently it really was an exclusive to that radio station.  I’d love to hear the story behind this recording if anyone knows it!  Unfortunately I didn’t think to ask Jello Biafra when he was taking a piss at the urinal next to me, so I missed my chance there. I’d better remember next time!  In the mean time, take a listen to this paradoxical track and tell us what you think about it…

I made the video posted above.  The images switch back and forth from GD to DK to GD to DK and so on .

Here’s the song as MP3, along with the radio intro!


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post #18

Loxiran EP – 199?

This EP really grabbed me.  This is some absolutely raging modern hardcore from Germany.  I can only describe this sound as modern, even though this record is pretty old now. This band was definitely way ahead of their time.  There is no date on this 7″, but I’m guessing that it was released in 1996, or ’97 at the latest (no website listed, all cut and paste, no pixelated images).

When I say that this band was ahead of their time, I mean that the music is, in certain aspects, very similar to the good parts from some of the modern metal-core stuff that is so popular with the kids these days.  Now hold on,  wait a second! Before you surf away in disgust, let me assure you that this is indeed 100% hardcore punk!  There are no confusing guitar solos, no nauseating melodic vocals, no salon-styled hairdos.  As I said before, just absolutely fucking raging hardcore. But it is played in a very unconventional way, and I’ve literally never heard this style done any earlier than this. Not that no one has, I’ve just never heard it.

The lyrics are certainly punk, too.  Although they are all in German, the graphics and key words make it pretty clear what these six songs are about: the environment, work, war, punk rock, vegetarianism, etc.  All pretty standard stuff, to be sure.  While I don’t fully understand what these guys are carrying on about, I can certainly tell that they are filled with anger and passion for what they are singing about.  So much so in fact, that I cannot resist hollering along with the chorus “Mord ist Mord und Leben ist Leben!”, the battlecry at the end of the song which is surely their anthem, ‘Wa(h)re Wessen’.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the music rips?  It’s hard for me to describe it, except to say that listening to it invariably induces in me fits of involuntary head banging, air drumming and other strange, spasmodic gestures.

I remember that one time I asked myself “why haven’t I heard many great punk bands from Germany?”  Well, if you have ever wondered that yourself, here is the remedy. So put on your Baseballcappies, lace up your Skateschuhen and pull on your Kapuzenpullies and listen to LOXIRAN, Assface!

And here’s a video I made that features the entire record illustrated with the images from the record sleeve:

Firehouse 5 + 2

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post # 17

Firehouse Five plus Two – Alabama Jubilee bw Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Kentucky Home

When I was a kid I would watch a show on television called ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’.  I still think that was a cool show (much better than most of the stuff my kid has to choose from these days), but one of my absolute favorite things about it was the whacky, frenetic instrumental music of the theme song.  Many years later I learned that the interesting style of music is called Dixieland Jazz. Much more recently, I’ve learned that Dixieland is actually just the modern name for the original form of Jazz music from New Orleans; Dixieland was used to differentiate that original style from later versions of Jazz.  I’ve found in the last couple of years that Dixieland Jazz records can be some of the best music available for dirt cheap from thrift shops and record stores.  The music is often loud and obnoxious, fast paced, and played with phenominal musicianship while not being overly pompous like a lot of Big Band Jazz, nor is it gag-inducingly sappy or cheesey like orchestral music from the 20’s through the 60’s often is.

On the A-side of this record, we have The Alabama Jubilee, which is just such a great tune. It’s one of those songs that makes me buy any record I can find that has a version of it.  The best part about it is that I’ve yet to hear two versions of the song that sound the same – it seems to be a tune that bands love to embellish and put their personal twist upon.  This version by the Firehouse Five plus Two is one of my favorites.  Every stanza is different than the last; at least one instrument is soloing throughout most of the song; it’s filled to the brim with foot stomping, hand clapping and caterwauling, it’s played fast and tight and is uplifting and funny and infectious and I just fucking love it already!

This mid-tempo song has a great old-timey feel and is just fantastic to bop along and whistle along to.  I had never heard of this group before I found this record, but since I recently found their 20th anniversary LP and this webpage I’ve learned the following interesting factoids: these guys were in fact a group of Walt Disney animators who, in the late 40’s, started playing old time Jazz for fun.  Eventually, they rode around to their many gigs in an old fire engine and wore fire fighting outfits, and according to their multi-talented leader, Ward Kimball, they “spearheaded” the Dixieland Jazz revival of the 50’s.

Goood Time Jazz was apparantly an important and influential independent Jazz label during the 50’s and 60’s, and The Firehouse 5 where their flagship group.  It is certainly very rare for all of the players to be listed by name on the label of a 45, so that’s pretty cool.

Here’s a video I made for Alabama Jubilee:

Have a Good Time!

The Way of the Fat Boy

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post #16

Garlic Boys EP

Garlic Boys EP 1990 (Japan)

Ahhhh. The sweet, sweet sounds of Japanese Hardcore.  Is there any better music in the known universe? None that I am aware of…  I have never seen any mention of this band anywhere before, but as soon as I saw this record in the bargain bin my heart leapt and I knew I had found something good.  Apparently this band is still around, and has been for a quarter of a century, but I have never ever heard anything about them.   It’s very strange, because this record is amazing! I can’t attest to any of their other material, because I have not heard it, but if these four tracks of thrashy, melodic hardcore are any indication of the rest of their work, this band rules!  Priding themselves on being fat and smelly (just like me!), Garlic Boys apparently takes a humorous approach to their music.  They seem to me like something like Japan’s answer to NOFX.

Garlic Boys - The band with Large Members

This is an american repress of what was probably several different records originally, and unfortunately the sound sucks.  The volume fades in and out, all of the tracks have different volumes, and most of the record just sounds like shit.  Despite all of that, the music shines through as some great, rip-roarin’ punk rock and roll.  These are the kind of songs that are so good that I find myself literally craving the sound of them! I will never be able to see sumo wrestling again without chanting “YOKOZUNA – Yokozuna” in my head and hearing the sweet guitar lead that distinguishes that song (all in my head, of course).

Interestingly enough, this record was released by a label out of Madison, Wisconsin.  Also, in the picture on the back cover (shown above) it appears as though all of the guys in the band are wearing Harley Davidson t-shirts, which is of course a Wisconsin company… and an obsession among local dummies.  They look like they could be hanging out in the alley behind my house here in Milwaukee, getting drunk on cans of Miller Light, listening to “Classic Rock” radio and repeatedly revving their motorcycle engines until they collapse. Excepting their Nipponese countenances, that is. 

Rock on.

Mystic Charm

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post #15

Mystic Charm – Lost Empire EP 1993

I’ll admit that I selected this record from the bargain bin thinking that the unintentional humour of this release would be greater than the force of the Heavy Metal music contained within the grooves. Well…. I was wrong!  This is actually pretty fucking good!  It’s female-fronted, stoned as fuck Doom Metal from the Netherlands!  Although I usually prefer my tunes to be played as fast as possible, I can still get down with some slow-assed gloomy shit every now and again, and this is about as good as I’ve heard so far as that all goes.  Don’t get me wrong, they can pound out the thrashy riffs and double bass kicks when necessary, but mostly Mystic Charm keeps it creepy and dire as they slog through the mire. The mire of spooky darkness… and stuff.

While it certainly would be in poor taste to make fun of the members of Mystic Charm’s funny sounding Dutch names (like Gerard van Assen, tee hee), I suppose that it is fair game to admit that my wife and I had some debate as to the sex of Rini, the singer.  I wasn’t sure, based on the ambiguous picture and decidedly sick vocals, so I asked my wife, and she was sure that Rini was a man. A man who wore leopard skin tights and big girly boots? It turns out Rini is in fact a woman, and certainly one of the earlier women to sing in this style of metal, so hats off to her. So check it out, this is some great heavy shit! Also listen to more songs from Mystic Charm here.

Link to hq rips & scans…

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post #14

The Derelicts – Time To Fuck Up EP 1990

Pretty much the same story, and pretty much the same band as Zip Gun. You might recognize one of the dirtbags on the back cover as being one of the dirtbags from the back cover of the Zip Gun EP. The music is similar, but this record actually has the Derelicts sounding a little wussier than Zip Gun, but I guess that is excusable because this record was released earlier? Maybe they hadn’t released the grunge pedal yet… (that’s a joke, son).  This is simple, mid-tempo heavy punk rock, kind of proto-grunge I guess, because it has snarly, nasal punk vocals and doesn’t have any of that grunge-groove thing goin’ on. The A-side is rather melodic, while the B-side is pretty dark.  This record is cooler than the Zip Gun EP though, if only because of the un-listed 3rd song, which is actually the title track, oddly enough. Time to Fuck Up is a 10 second long thrashing hardcore song with a 4 second intro. Sweet! That was an awesome bonus to hear after I bought this record, because I collect short songs, and it’s a pretty good one. “Assholes Unite!”

Check out the same links form the Zip Gun post for more info and tunes… You can type about how much you love these guys over here.

And, here’s a video I made:

Listen to this record here!

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post #13

Zip Gun – Together Dumb b/w Cool In The Cell 45 1992

This is yet another brand new record that had been gathering dust for almost 20 years when I delivered it from the 1$ bin.  Although I’d never heard of this band, I purchased this 7″ with confidence because it was released by the excellent eMpTy Records.  It turns out that this two song, 4 minute long 45 is a great slab of prime grunge from Seattle, circa 1992.  Great driving, heavy punk rock here with a good, gruff vocalist. The guitars are up front and loud, as they should be. The drumming is right on, powerful but not too flashy, although a little quiet in the mix.  Both songs are good, but the B-side, Cool In The Cell, is the hit on this disc; it actually reminds a lot of some song by that certain band from Seattle, but I can’t exactly remember which particular one…

  That’s about it for this record, though it’s worth mentioning that it would make a great Jukebox disc, and as a bonus we are treated to some great cover art by Joe Newton.  Apparently this band never really got much respect, but they did release a few records before disolving into the utterly obscure status which they now enjoy. Check out alittle bit of info and some more tunes over at NorthWest Noise.

Here’s a wicked live video of the band playing Together Dumb:

This song is from their LP, pretty sweet dirty garage rock thing goin’ on. The video has some live pics o’ the band

Spin this saucer here…

DC Beggars

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post #12

D.C. Beggars – You’re So Pretty EP 1991

I often wonder how some of these records end up in the bargain bins, all beaten up and cast aside.  That’s certainly no way to treat this particular record!  I found this little blue gem without any cover and only a scrap of a dust sleave to protect it, all shoved in amongst the dirty old Bette Midler 45’s and Debbie Gibson picture sleeves.  What we have here is some sweet female-fronted heavy punk rock and roll action!  Am I the only one who’se noticed that female punk singers are, on average, usually much better singers than their male counterparts?  This record is just more proof. The singer has that great confident, swaggering Punk Rock and Roll voice, mixed with some of the classic British female punk vocal style, and even a little Jello Biafra, I must say.

This band was from Seattle, and this record was recorded in 1991, and you can tell.  They definately have the Heavy Punk sound that became known as, well you know what it became known as.  The title track on this disc is definately the hit. ‘You’re So Pretty (But You Make Me Sick)’ is, of course, an anti-beauty song with great snotty vocals and a totally excellent sing along chorus. The song ends with the sound of a toilet flushing, for those of you who collect that sort of thing.  ‘Taken For A Fool’ is a ripping hardcore song about standing up for yourself.  I think it’s my favorite track on this record.  The guitar sound and drums during the thrash part in the middle of the song sound almost exactly like Reagan Youth, pretty gnarly.  The next song is pretty good, but the last one isn’t that great.  It is sung in German, apparently the singer is from Austria.

This band actually has a tiny bit of info available on the web, with some tunes here, and photos here. Cover and inserts are from here.

Rock out here!


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post #11

VA – Not Enough – Five Bands From Milan 1995 Italy

This is an awesome little 7″ featuring one song each from 5 hardcore punk rock bands from Milano, Italia.  Need I say more? Everyone loves Italian hardcore, right?  There are some seriously fuckin rad songs on this record, mostly in a melodic thrashcore style.  ‘Milano da Pippare’ by Less Than Zero is my absolute favorite, but almost every song is awesome; the type of songs that stick in your head for days kind of awesome.  These bands and this label seem to be all but forgotten today, but at least they are not lost!

Yet another reason to buy old used records: you never know what you’ll find in them – Max, the guy who apparently released this comp put a hand typed letter inside the sleave, and apparently no one ever took it out.  After searching for the records he mentions, I’ve determined that the letter must have been meant for whoever runs Initial Records out of Kentucky. The funny thing is that he apologizes for the fact that the bands on his record play “old (italian) school” hardcore, as if that were a bad thing!  Anyway, here’s the letter:

To downoad the high quality rips and scans of the 8 page booklet (which features some pretty fancy-pants computer image manipulation for the time) click THIS.

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post #10

Numb Sex – Used/Sticky EP 1985

 An old Connecticut punk record I found in ye olde bargain bin, still in its original plastic wrapping! Maybe I sould have left it there, because despite the cool cover art, I don’t like this record very much.  It’s generic, uninspired punk and the vocals are way to loud and not very good. Some song parts are good, like the beginning of ‘No Aces In The Hole’, but then the singer starts yelling and it’s way louder than all the other instruments and it pretty much totally sucks.  Why post it then?  Because I told this (curious) guy I would, it’s on his want list and he’s hooked me up with some pretty choice albums – like Half Life.  I’m also posting it because it could be veiwed as an early release from the ‘Dark Age of Punk’, the era from 1985 or so until 1993 or so that everyone seems to want to forget ever happened.  Not much info available on this band, but they did have a write up in MRR #37.

I haven’t seen this record anywhere else on the web, so check it out if you’re a completist. 


OAK Records

Schizophrenic Melodies

Post # 9

I’ve been a fan of quality Bluegrass ever since a friend of mine left his Hot Rize tape in my car 13 years ago.  I’ve never been able to find many bluegrass records here in Wisconsin, though.  I did make a pretty sweet score a couple of months ago however, and here it is!  I found 4 different 45’s, all of them 4-song compilation EP’s put out by OAK Records from Ohio in 1962.  Each of the records have an overbearing Christian/Gospel theme to the music.  I could tell that they were obviously some kind of country music in the store, and I held out hope that they might just be Bluegrass so I bought all of them.  The most promising sign was that three of the records had songs by The Eastern Kentucky Boys, which just had to be Bluegrass.

So I eagerly listened to them, and it turns out that 6 of the 16 songs on those four records are some rip-snortin’ gospel bluegrass numbers.  Unfortunately, the other 9 songs are terrible gospel country. I mean terrible.   But, like I said, the fast bluegrass tunes are seriously awesome.  I’m pretty sure you won’t find these tracks anywhere else, so enjoy!

I’m only posting the Bluegrass tunes, not the country ones, so don’t worry!  If you want to hear the other tunes, than these records are for sale, leave a comment!!

Schizophrenic Melodies

post # 8

Quartz – Nantucket Sleighride c/w Wildfire – 1980 England

I had no clue what this was when I found it, so it was a tough decision wether to pick it up or not.  The confusing cover was intriguing enough to catch my eye right away (especially since I was watching Whale Wars at the time) but the thing that ultimately made me spend the $2 on this record was the fact that the singer is doing a Hardcore Jump in the picture on the back.  I usually buy any unknown record featuring such an act, for if the band was not a rockin’, why wouldst they be a leapin’? Plus, the guitarist has a sweet Iommi ‘stache (not coincidentally, it turns out…)

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I played this, but what I heard got me really excited.  The A side, ‘Nantucket Sleighride’, was a hard track to pin down.  It is definately Heavy Metal, but it has a really wussy, commercial sounding part in the middle, but then it gets totally heavy again and rocks a bunch of riffs lifted directly from Black Sabbath.   It’s an epic tale about whaling, and it’s full of sick wailing guitar leads. Total 70’s hard rock proto maetal action.  Then the B-side sounds like slowed down Motorhead mixed with Black Sabbath, and the song, ‘Wildfire’, is a fucking awesome metal tune with a great simple riffs and leads and some killer Robert Plant-esque singing and it’s about smoking pot! “Wildfire – Smoking Grass!”

So at first I thought that because these guys played so slow and were giving so many blatant nods to Black Sabbath that maybe they were some forgotten Old Wave of British Heavy Metal band from like 1976 or something, but then I figured out that this record is actually from 1980. The Sabbath I was hearing was no coincidence, though.  Turns out that these guys toured with them and the guy playing keyboards was actually in Black Sabbath for a couple of years.   Then I found out that ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ is actually a cover of a band called Mountain, whose LP ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ features the song, which is about a whaler who fell victim to the Custom Of the Sea. I actually found that LP a few days later for only $4, and it is awesome! It’s very amusing to note that Quartz totally added Black Sabbath riffs to the song that are not in the original. Anyway check out this killer early metal record………

Fuck You, WHALE!!!!


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post # 7

Echternach – La Procession Dansante – 196X

This is an interesting record.  Echternach is a tiny town in a tiny country; Luxembourg.  This recording features music being made by the entire town.  Every year, for well over six hundred years, this whole town has gotten together on a certain holy day to dance around and sing this song, which honors the town’s patron, Saint Willy.  It is thought that the tradition may be related to masochistic marches of the flagellants.

I am posting this record cheifly because of the awesome sound collage of field recordings of the festival day that fills the A side.  The recording starts out with the ringing bells of the Basilica (big church), and quickly fades into a cavalcade of passing singers, who’s voices echo and fade in and out as they sing the same song at different times.  Then we hear a few different passing marching bands, each who play for a few seconds and then fade out.  Then we hear the bells again, and the track is over.  All of the musicians are playing loose variations on the same musical theme, the Dance of Echternach.   This track is trying to simulate the sound of the entire day, with all of the passing bands and singers, while compressing it into 4 minutes.  The result is awesomely, yet unintentionally, psychedelic.

The B-side is a nice recording of a full orchestra playing the same song.  It’s nice, but it has not the crass impact of the other versions.  This record is a really nice package, with liner notes in four languages and even musical annotations!  Apparently, this festival still happens today, and you can easily find videos of it on the web.  Some of them sound almost exactly like this record, which I am guessing was recorded in the early sixties.  The town itself is beautiful, I’d like to take my family to see this some day!



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post #6

Slip – Never Surrender EP 1994

Here’s another dollar bin gem that totally kicks ass.  I can’t find any information about this dark hardcore band from Alabama.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I bought this record because it was from Alabama.  How much Alabaman hardcore have you ever heard?  Right now, I can’t think of any bands from that neck of the woods.  So, I did a little looking and found a good one, here.

This record starts out really quietly (with the best Star Wars sample I’ve ever heard on a record), but then it gets really loud and heavy.  That’s when we start to hear the great anguished, angry vocals and the drumming which kicks ass throughout this record.  It’s heavy, mid tempo hardcore that gets really moshy, especially on the last song.  In fact, ‘Closed Doors’ is almost over the top with what are now cliche mosh riffs, but then you have to remember that this record came out in 1994 when that sort of style was still relatively new.  Though, you have to admit that the riff that they use during the chorus of  ‘Escape’ is probably the most over used ‘heavy’ riff ever.  You know the one “duh duh…duh duh…duh duh…duh duh” I’ve heard that in so many songs, it’s incredible. If you start to listen for it you can hear it as far back as Judas Priest, and even Led Zeppelin played that riff.  I will admit it’s a good riff for headbanging, though.

My favorite song on here is ‘Behind’, which is an instrumental with a really bleak, dark sound.  Depressing!  I know what I said earlier, about ‘cliche’ riffs might sound like a dig against this record, but it’s not.  I think it’s essential to consider the time and place where a band is making their music.  I hate it when I hear people bitch about hearing “another generic hardcore band” without considering where or when that band is from.  If you live in a small town you probably don’t have internationally touring bands playing in your basement every week, so if you want to fuckin rock, you have to do it yourself, and if what you like to play sounds similar to what another band plays, so what?  As long as the music is played with heart and conviction, that’s what matters to me.  Oh yeah, I also just want to say this to a lot of the people who have blogs and websites out there: if you think hardcore and punk stopped being good in 1977 or 1987 or 1997 or 2007, you’re a fool.  There’s thousands of great bands out there thrashin their heads off right now.

So I wonder how these guys were veiwed in their hometown, and if they were heard anywhere else in the world.  What drove them to put all of the effort into releasing this record?  I wonder how this record ended up in a bargain bin in Wisconsin 15 years later, and now I wonder if anyone will hear this an love it….

High quality rips and scans are HERE.


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post #5

Hardcore 918V – s/t EP 198X

It almost always turns out to be the record that you almost didn’t buy, even though it was on sale for $0.50, that turns out to be one of the best out of the whole stack.  I was so iffy about this 45 because of the strange band name, and the fact that there was only a photocopied half sheet of paper inside of the dust sleeve instead of a proper cover.  And the store had like 4 of them that looked like they had been sitting there untouched for 25 years, which they more than likely had been.  Now I am kicking myself for not shelling out the two bucks for all four of them! 

So this is some sweet, ass kickin’, Slayer worshippin’ L.A. thrash metal!  I love this shit.  Straight forward, hardcore influenced thrash metal.  They sound sort of like Slayer mixed with Nuclear Assault, I guess.  They have a webpage which laments the fact that they were never signed to a major label, and that’s probably because this kinda stuff was all over the place back then.  Even if they had been signed, they’d probably be just as forgotten about today, but whatever, this shit kicks ass.  Especially ‘Think’, the last song. That song shows their punk influence the most, especially in the vocals and lyrics. It’s played all super fast and raging, and sounds kinda like if Cryptic Slaughter were a little bit slower and a lotta bit tighter. Killer stuff!

 UNfortunately, some aspects of the mix on this record aren’t very good, so some guitar leads are lost, but overall it’s a pretty good recording.  3 of the 4 tracks on this disk are on the bands ‘space, but my rips actually sound better, so HERE.

 They also have another, punker song up on their page.


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Insult To Injury – Hostile Behavior EP – 1993

Oh man.  From Chicago, Illinois, USA – it’s Insult To Injury.  What can I say?  This band is the hardest, most shredding, fastest, toughest, meanest, ass kickin’est motherfuckin’ hardcore band to ever come out of Chicago.  No Fucking Shit.  Not only can you file this record right next to your Infest 7″ alphabetically, but you can also file it right next to Infest in your heart.

Most hardcore bands from Chicago, with a few notable exceptions, are a bunch of pussies.  That’s just an indisputable Fact.  They might sound tough, they might play fast, but really, they’re just a bunch of pale, skinny college kids with nice equipment.  Insult To Injury, on the other hand – they’re the real fuckin’ deal.

Ok, Ok, they might be pale and skinny, but these dudes scared the shit out of me when I was a teenager.  Just listen to this ass ripping record and you, too, will have your shit scared out of your own self.  (?)  Read the lyrics. They revolve around three key themes: 1)Beating the shit out of motherfuckers who ask for it. 2)Having a fucked up life/childhood. 3)Believing in yourself and living by your own rules.  Oh, and listen to the goddamn singer.  He gives the guy from Verbal Assault a real run for his money in the ‘yell at a thousand miles an hour’ category. Before I start to sound like Bruce Roehrs and ejaculate excessive amounts of adjectives about how much this band  fucking kicks ass, let me just say this: If you like hardcore punk, you will love I II I.  If you think you like hardcore punk, but you don’t like this record, then fuck off and die.   “.”

So far as I am concerned, this 10 song, 8 minute long record is their crowning acheivement.  They also released a split 7″ with 10-96 (which rules – see the link in my first post), and a split 7″ with Mexican Power Authority, (yeah – the post-Neos band).  If anyone has a copy of that record, I WANT IT.  I also found a copy of a CD that the band released several years later.  Unfortunately, on the CD they had abandoned the ripping mosquito guitars, brain boggling bass lines and lightning speed drumming that made their early releases so unique, in favor of a more moshy/NYHC sound.  It’s still a good hardcore record, but not as gonad grindingly good as their early material.  If anyone has or knows of any other material, please comment!  They do have an old Myspace with a few songs from the CD, and a pretty radical write up on how they were viewed in the ‘scene’:

By the way, I never saw this band play, I never heard anyone ever mention them, I never even saw one of their T-shirts.  They were basically unknown in the more well-known Chicago punk ‘scene’ of the 90’s.  I found out about them from their split 7″ with 10-96.

Here’s A video I made for the song ‘Nothing To Lose’.  Lyrics are included, so be sure to sing along!

Click the link below to download high quality 320 Kbps Mp3 files and complete cover scans in a .zip archive.  Enjoy!

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A Night on Bare Mountain and Other Russian Selections – Leopold Stokowski and his Orchestra – 2xEP 1954

Alright, alright. I’ll spare you the long winded musings and reminiscing about how awesome this music is, at least for now anyway.  Just know this: contained upon the brittle plastic disks within this yellowed sleeve is nearly half an hour of some of the best, and most awesomelly intense, symphonic music I have ever heard.  I’m sure you all know ‘A Night On Bare Mountain’ from the film Fantasia.  You know, the seen where Satan summons forth all of the demons, ghosts and witches to frolic in the flames of hell?  Yeah, that was pretty much the coolest thing I had ever seen, accompanied by the coolest music I had ever heard, when I was a little kid.  So naturally I was stok(owski)ed when I found this sweet little double seven inch set for 95 cents. 

Ok, I lied, I’m going to ramble on for a while.  So all you kids that love the Metallicas music better start clicking on this link and listening intently, because this shit, originally composed in 1867 by a psychotic drunk named Modest Moussorgsky, is heavy, fast, frightening and fucking metal.  It even has blast beats, for christ’s sake!  Never mind the fact that those whiny little hipster panty wastes ruined ‘ol Modest’s name.  This music will far outlive their annoying crap. 

This version was ‘orchestrated’ by Leopold Stokowski and is apparently the same score used in the movie.  The excerpt from the liner notes below is him describing the composition in his own words:

So, there you have it.  You’re welcome.

But wait!  That’s not all – there’s two other really awesome songs on this record!  The ‘Russian Easter Overture, Opus 36’ is really good, exciting, haunting, ecstatic and frenetic music.  Check the super creepy vocal part in the middle, and the great french horn parts.  But the best part of this song are the fast parts they are intensely beautiful!  This song was written by some guy named Rimsky-Korsakov, who was apparently Moussorgsky’s friend, so much so that he helped finish ‘A Night On Bare Mountain’ after Modest died. 

The last song is another great tune called the ‘Russian Sailors Dance’.  It starts out a little drunkenly, then gets a bit regal, then gets more and more excited, and before you know it the orchestra starts playing as fast as they can and it is flippin’ radical.  Really awesome song. Really awesome record!

Download a .zip archive with 320Kbps Mp3 files and complete high quality cover scans below!

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Tribulation – The First Page – demo cassette – 1987

The Gods of  Heavy Metal have smiled upon us all today.

From deep within the deepest Vaults of Rock, a hidden gem has finally been unearthed.  After nearly a quarter century hidden away, the world is only now ready to hear the Power and the Might of  Tribulation.  Behold! Your puny being shall be crushed beneath the awesome Power (and might) which is barely contained within the pitiful plastic case of this demo tape.  The amazing awesomeness and awesome amazingness held herein is so … amazingly …. awesome, that… ahh…. well it’s really not that awesome, actually.  In fact, this is by far some of the most terrible shit I’ve ever heard!

When I saw this tape, at a used book store of all places, my heart rate increased and my palms got all sweaty. I quickly grabbed it and added it to my pile of treasures while glancing around to be sure no one else was coveting my prize.  I knew this shit had to be good.

And I was right!  This is totally inept cheeseball Metal that is somehow still so completely awesome that I can listen to it over and over again! Really, I can listen to it like three times in a row!  The band is generally sloppy as hell, though at times they do pull it together pretty well.  The guitar solos are all completely terrible, but the drumming is right on at least 85% of the time.  In addition to some really questionable post production decisions, such as the hilarious fake pauses in ‘Taking Command’, Tribulation  play several of my favorite cliche metal riffs on this demo.  They also seem to have something of a Christian theme going on in the horrible  lyrics, which is pretty funny.   But the best part about this tape, the part that could someday make this tape infamous the world round, are the vocals. Oh! The VOCALS!  I still laugh out loud every time I hear the singer belt out ” Thee Ay-thee-uuhst!” in ‘The Atheist’.  The vocals are fucking hilarious.  And don’t forget the song ‘Fat Chicks’, a crowd favorite, I’m sure, where we learn that  “It’s always an Orgy with a Fat Chick” and that “We need Fat Chicks to Survive!”  God I love this tape.

Okay, now this is even funnier.  I was wondering what ever happened to these True Warriors of Wisconsin Metal, so I just did a little sleuthing… and I almost fell out of my chair with mirth upon realizing that the drummer from Tribulation now plays with Milwaukee’s very own über hipster, gaze upon thy shoes, gag-me-with-a-post rock band Collections of Colonies of Bees (or CoCoBees, as the true ‘ipsters call ’em)! Ha! I’m so going to one of their shows just to scream out “FAT CHICKS!!!!!” at every sensitive, sit-down-and-sway moment. YAY!  I love being an Asshole. 

Actually though, this guy is apparently a solo percussionist now, which is actually pretty cool, and his ambient/noise/jazz music is interesting.  Go figure! In fact, a few days ago, I was at a dour hipster bar and picked up a flier advertising a series of jazz concerts at another bar in my neighbourhood.  I remember being perplexed by the fact that so many of the performers listed on the flier had funny sounding Scandinavian names.  I thought to myself : “Am I totally unaware of an underground Swedish Jazz scene right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?” Well, it turns out that the drummer from Tribulation is setting up these shows with his touring European jazz musician friends!  I know you are probably bored to hell by all of this, but I am terribly amused by this shit.  I’m going to see ’em and have him sign my tape! hahahahahahahahaa

For High Quality MP3 files containing the music from this tape, as well as complete cover scans, etc., please click the link below:


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Youth Against Fascism – Libertad y Justicia….. Para Quien?  EP

This is an essential, but unfortunately obscure, slab of mid-90’s Chicago latino punk rock.  To me, this record is completely on par with the best records released by that certain other band from the same time and place which is now enormously popular.  Simple, pissed off, catchy, and defiant; I fucking love this record.  I first bought this record when I saw Youth Against Fascism open for State of Fear, Active Minds (from UK) and the Fun People from Argentina, at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, some time in 1996.  Awesome show.  I think it may have been my first international punk show, and it was fucking great.  The Fun People are still the only band from South America that I’ve ever seen, they were really great live and I love their recordings, too.  I’ve never actually seen one of their records, (they had sold out by the time they reached Chicago) but several years after I saw them I was finally able to track down some of their music on the web, and I was not disappointed.  Active Minds were really neat, definately the first (and only) two piece anarcho thrash band I’ve ever seen.  They have a bunch of records out on their own label, Looney Tunes, and on those records there are many short and sweet songs that make me grin. State of Fear was probably good, but the only thing I remember about their set was that they played the instrumental intro to ‘Teenage Time Killer’ by Rudimentary Peni.  I don’t really remember Youth Against Fascism’s  performance, but I know I liked them, because I clearly remember talking to them and some guys from Fun People and buying a bunch of Latin American punk records from them, the most memorable of which were the Revolucion X seven inches – awesome Mexican ‘Zapatista’ punk.


So anyway, as I said, I fucking love this record.  The hit is definately the title track, which, in my mind, is right up there with ‘!Levantante!’ by the famous band I alluded to at the start of this post.  This was the only time I ever saw YAF, but I know they later shortened their name to Youth Against (maybe after they heard about the Sonic Youth song?).  I also know that they put out an awesome LP, because I found it in a box of records someone was selling about a year ago.  I can’t find any specific information on the web about this band or their label, so if you know anything, please share.  Anyway, check this shit out. It rules.


For a zip archive containing 320 Kbps MP3 files and all cover, insert, and label scans, click below….


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This is one of those great thrift store finds that makes searching through endless piles of crap so very worth while.  This fascinating little 7″, which I found mixed in with a bunch of disco and Sesame Street 45’s and without any sleeve, was instantly intriguing to me, and I certainly had no qualms about dropping the eighteen cents to buy it.  So the pictures are pretty self explanatory, and you can find any info you might seek about Bell Telephone Laboratories with a simple web search.  I got the picture sleeve scan from The Personal Computer Museum, and if you are interested in reading the extensive liner notes that go along with this record, you should go there.  This record consists of several examples of early synthesized speech, interspersed with eloquent explanations from a (human) male speaker. There is also a bit of song, representing one of the earliest examples of electronically produced music. I assume that the odd words on the label are some of the speech sounds which would be fed to the computer on paper punch cards to tell it what to say. Duh, and I just now realized that they say “He Saw The Cat”.

Computer Speech

When I was a kid, I spent many hours playing with a little program called Dr. Sbaitso, which was a speech simulator that would say whatever you wanted it to, as well as sort of answering some questions you could ask of it.  Anyway the unfortunately un-named computer featured on this record is basically the great-grandaddy of Dr. Sbaitso, and while some of these artificial vocalizations are remarkably coherent, most of them are not.  For me, the best parts of this record are the two versions of that American classic song ‘Bicycle Built For Two’.  It really does sound sweet to be serenaded by this bizarre artificial voice.  Be sure to note that the second, accompanied version of this song required an extra computer to create the simple music which accompanies our love lorn crooner.  As with any encounter I have with antiquated technology, I am greatly impressed by the science represented on this record and, even more so, I am amazed at how far this technology has come.  So next time you are talking to a computer on the telephone, remember: it all started here.


So I was actually able to find several rips of this record with a quick web search, but since I am not one to be easily outdone, I have decided to include a rip of the hitherto un-digitized B-side of this record, which consists of a blank 35 second long groove ending in a locked groove which could play indefinately.  Now, why did they even bother to press a blank groove on the B-side? Who knows, either way, i have included an MP3 of it in the zip archive for this record, along with full scans and a couple of photos. Click below to download.


I was also playing around as my needle rode around in the locked groove and made a few little noise improvisations by layering some live effects onto the crackling sound made by the record. I cut out a few tracks, made a little picture, and folded it all into a zip archive for anyone who would like to hear it.