Eat Cheese or Die is dedicated to bringing the world the wicked rock music stylings of Wisconsin, USA, where I live. I am not originally from here, but in the almost 3 years I have lived here, I have become enamored of the extensive, unsung, and inexpensive local music that I have been pulling out of dusty bargain bins throughout Milwaukee.  Since I feel that most of this music is criminally unknown, I am attempting to bring some of it out of the dark and into the ears of the world.  If you would like to send in any music of your own to share, by all means please do.  Wether I like it or not, I will probably post it, but don’t expect me to be nice and like your music just because You submit something!  That being said, I am always searching for new things from Wisconsin to add to the library, especially but not exclusively punk, hardcore and metal.  And especially in the form of 7″ records, tapes and demo CD’s.  All rips are mine from the original material, unless otherwise noted.  Requests and submissions are encouraged!