Sore Neck and Ringing Ears are the symptoms i gladly suffer after enjoying an awesome Rock n Roll show.  I’ve been going to shows for 13 years, and I’ve seen thousands of bands.  A couple of years ago I started to take pictures of some of the bands that I see, so that I can remember who the hell they are! This is my forum to share these pictures with you.  If you are a featured band and would like to receive high resolution copies of the featured images and others, please contact me.

For the most part, I only go to DIY shows, which are often quite literally under ground.  You will not see me in a venue with seats. Fuck that.  Live music is meant to be enjoyed!  An integral part of enjoying music is rocking out, and you cannot rock out whilst sitting down.  If the music that you are witnessing does not move you to rock out, then what’s the fuckin’ point??!!!

All photographs taken by me, please don’t steal, just ask!! I also do “promo” photos for bands and other groups and events, as well as cover art and graphic design.  Contact me if you are interested in any of these services.  DIY work for cheap/trade!!!