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Death Led  – And You Think There’s Nothing Wrong EP 1999

So I rescued this 7″ from the 1$ bin because the band was from Black Earth Wisconsin, which I imagined to be some isolated backwoods hole in the Northwoods.  Actually it’s a small town over by Madison, which is a big city, by Wisconsin standards anyway.  Anyway, I had low expectations for this platter, which were, much to my delight, far exceeded. I like this record a lot!

This is some pure small town midwest 90’s teenaged Punk Rock stuff.  It’s well played and has a good recording, the songs are catchy, well written and brief.  The thing I like about this record is it’s diversity, all of the songs are in a unique style.  This band obviously is most influenced by the more popular punk acts, which I am sure the Truely Hardcore people will hate, but so what?  The first song starts out kinda strange and then changes to some sweet fast punk. The next one, ‘Minimum Wage’ is definately the hit on this record- I fuckin’ love this song.  Despite the naive lyrics the song has a great anthemic quality that makes me want to jump around and sing along.  This song sounds kinda like a less lame and repetetive version of early Anti-flag. “Fuck The Man, Bring Him Down!”   ‘All Out War’ is similar to the previous song, but sounds more like a clean-cut version of The Casualties. It has a pretty sweet breakdown towards the end.

Side B starts out sounding like the Angry Samoans playing a cheesy political song.  The next song, ‘Another Day’, displays the bands obvious love for ‘White Trash, Two Hebes, and a Bean’ and 90’s Chicago punk like The Bollweevils,  two loves which I can definately agree upon.  This song is actually really good.  The last song is their humorous attempt at playing fast hardcore, cracking voiced screams and all!  The lyrics on this record are actually pretty decent teenage angsty stuff, not bad. I was unable to dig up any info on these kids, but I’m going to guess that this came out circa 1996.  (wrong!)

Check out Death Led!