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Hardcore 918V – s/t EP 198X

It almost always turns out to be the record that you almost didn’t buy, even though it was on sale for $0.50, that turns out to be one of the best out of the whole stack.  I was so iffy about this 45 because of the strange band name, and the fact that there was only a photocopied half sheet of paper inside of the dust sleeve instead of a proper cover.  And the store had like 4 of them that looked like they had been sitting there untouched for 25 years, which they more than likely had been.  Now I am kicking myself for not shelling out the two bucks for all four of them! 

So this is some sweet, ass kickin’, Slayer worshippin’ L.A. thrash metal!  I love this shit.  Straight forward, hardcore influenced thrash metal.  They sound sort of like Slayer mixed with Nuclear Assault, I guess.  They have a webpage which laments the fact that they were never signed to a major label, and that’s probably because this kinda stuff was all over the place back then.  Even if they had been signed, they’d probably be just as forgotten about today, but whatever, this shit kicks ass.  Especially ‘Think’, the last song. That song shows their punk influence the most, especially in the vocals and lyrics. It’s played all super fast and raging, and sounds kinda like if Cryptic Slaughter were a little bit slower and a lotta bit tighter. Killer stuff!

 UNfortunately, some aspects of the mix on this record aren’t very good, so some guitar leads are lost, but overall it’s a pretty good recording.  3 of the 4 tracks on this disk are on the bands ‘space, but my rips actually sound better, so HERE.

 They also have another, punker song up on their page.