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Youth Against Fascism – Libertad y Justicia….. Para Quien?  EP

This is an essential, but unfortunately obscure, slab of mid-90’s Chicago latino punk rock.  To me, this record is completely on par with the best records released by that certain other band from the same time and place which is now enormously popular.  Simple, pissed off, catchy, and defiant; I fucking love this record.  I first bought this record when I saw Youth Against Fascism open for State of Fear, Active Minds (from UK) and the Fun People from Argentina, at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, some time in 1996.  Awesome show.  I think it may have been my first international punk show, and it was fucking great.  The Fun People are still the only band from South America that I’ve ever seen, they were really great live and I love their recordings, too.  I’ve never actually seen one of their records, (they had sold out by the time they reached Chicago) but several years after I saw them I was finally able to track down some of their music on the web, and I was not disappointed.  Active Minds were really neat, definately the first (and only) two piece anarcho thrash band I’ve ever seen.  They have a bunch of records out on their own label, Looney Tunes, and on those records there are many short and sweet songs that make me grin. State of Fear was probably good, but the only thing I remember about their set was that they played the instrumental intro to ‘Teenage Time Killer’ by Rudimentary Peni.  I don’t really remember Youth Against Fascism’s  performance, but I know I liked them, because I clearly remember talking to them and some guys from Fun People and buying a bunch of Latin American punk records from them, the most memorable of which were the Revolucion X seven inches – awesome Mexican ‘Zapatista’ punk.


So anyway, as I said, I fucking love this record.  The hit is definately the title track, which, in my mind, is right up there with ‘!Levantante!’ by the famous band I alluded to at the start of this post.  This was the only time I ever saw YAF, but I know they later shortened their name to Youth Against (maybe after they heard about the Sonic Youth song?).  I also know that they put out an awesome LP, because I found it in a box of records someone was selling about a year ago.  I can’t find any specific information on the web about this band or their label, so if you know anything, please share.  Anyway, check this shit out. It rules.


For a zip archive containing 320 Kbps MP3 files and all cover, insert, and label scans, click below….