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Mystic Charm

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Mystic Charm – Lost Empire EP 1993

I’ll admit that I selected this record from the bargain bin thinking that the unintentional humour of this release would be greater than the force of the Heavy Metal music contained within the grooves. Well…. I was wrong!  This is actually pretty fucking good!  It’s female-fronted, stoned as fuck Doom Metal from the Netherlands!  Although I usually prefer my tunes to be played as fast as possible, I can still get down with some slow-assed gloomy shit every now and again, and this is about as good as I’ve heard so far as that all goes.  Don’t get me wrong, they can pound out the thrashy riffs and double bass kicks when necessary, but mostly Mystic Charm keeps it creepy and dire as they slog through the mire. The mire of spooky darkness… and stuff.

While it certainly would be in poor taste to make fun of the members of Mystic Charm’s funny sounding Dutch names (like Gerard van Assen, tee hee), I suppose that it is fair game to admit that my wife and I had some debate as to the sex of Rini, the singer.  I wasn’t sure, based on the ambiguous picture and decidedly sick vocals, so I asked my wife, and she was sure that Rini was a man. A man who wore leopard skin tights and big girly boots? It turns out Rini is in fact a woman, and certainly one of the earlier women to sing in this style of metal, so hats off to her. So check it out, this is some great heavy shit! Also listen to more songs from Mystic Charm here.

Link to hq rips & scans…


Eat Cheese Or Die

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Crimson – Forge Winter – Cassette LP 1992 Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

Sometimes you can strike musical gold in the most unlikely places.  You just have be willing to dig for it!  I lucked out big time, when I found not one but four different demo tapes by this all-but-forgotten Progressive Thrash Metal band from Milwaukee.  This is the oldest one out of the bunch, and presumably their first.  Obviously as soon as I saw the sweet drawing of the Gnollish Minotaur with a short sword on the cover I had to shell out the two quarters for this tape!

The music is heavy progressive thrash metal with psychedelic tendencies.  There are a few rippin thrash tunes on this tape which definately make it worth the listen.  This is some great head banging shit!  The musicians are good, but they are obviously  inexperienced, so there are a few minor flubs and the solos aren’t that great, but for a first demo it’s really top notch.  The singer has a decent voice, and is not afraid to sing the high pitched Heavy Metal accents. 

This is a sweet DIY album, and I have found 3 more tapes by this group, each of which is better than the last, so stay tuned as I will post them soon.

Forge Winter

Schizophrenic Melodies

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Quartz – Nantucket Sleighride c/w Wildfire – 1980 England

I had no clue what this was when I found it, so it was a tough decision wether to pick it up or not.  The confusing cover was intriguing enough to catch my eye right away (especially since I was watching Whale Wars at the time) but the thing that ultimately made me spend the $2 on this record was the fact that the singer is doing a Hardcore Jump in the picture on the back.  I usually buy any unknown record featuring such an act, for if the band was not a rockin’, why wouldst they be a leapin’? Plus, the guitarist has a sweet Iommi ‘stache (not coincidentally, it turns out…)

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I played this, but what I heard got me really excited.  The A side, ‘Nantucket Sleighride’, was a hard track to pin down.  It is definately Heavy Metal, but it has a really wussy, commercial sounding part in the middle, but then it gets totally heavy again and rocks a bunch of riffs lifted directly from Black Sabbath.   It’s an epic tale about whaling, and it’s full of sick wailing guitar leads. Total 70’s hard rock proto maetal action.  Then the B-side sounds like slowed down Motorhead mixed with Black Sabbath, and the song, ‘Wildfire’, is a fucking awesome metal tune with a great simple riffs and leads and some killer Robert Plant-esque singing and it’s about smoking pot! “Wildfire – Smoking Grass!”

So at first I thought that because these guys played so slow and were giving so many blatant nods to Black Sabbath that maybe they were some forgotten Old Wave of British Heavy Metal band from like 1976 or something, but then I figured out that this record is actually from 1980. The Sabbath I was hearing was no coincidence, though.  Turns out that these guys toured with them and the guy playing keyboards was actually in Black Sabbath for a couple of years.   Then I found out that ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ is actually a cover of a band called Mountain, whose LP ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ features the song, which is about a whaler who fell victim to the Custom Of the Sea. I actually found that LP a few days later for only $4, and it is awesome! It’s very amusing to note that Quartz totally added Black Sabbath riffs to the song that are not in the original. Anyway check out this killer early metal record………


Fuck You, WHALE!!!!


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Hardcore 918V – s/t EP 198X

It almost always turns out to be the record that you almost didn’t buy, even though it was on sale for $0.50, that turns out to be one of the best out of the whole stack.  I was so iffy about this 45 because of the strange band name, and the fact that there was only a photocopied half sheet of paper inside of the dust sleeve instead of a proper cover.  And the store had like 4 of them that looked like they had been sitting there untouched for 25 years, which they more than likely had been.  Now I am kicking myself for not shelling out the two bucks for all four of them! 

So this is some sweet, ass kickin’, Slayer worshippin’ L.A. thrash metal!  I love this shit.  Straight forward, hardcore influenced thrash metal.  They sound sort of like Slayer mixed with Nuclear Assault, I guess.  They have a webpage which laments the fact that they were never signed to a major label, and that’s probably because this kinda stuff was all over the place back then.  Even if they had been signed, they’d probably be just as forgotten about today, but whatever, this shit kicks ass.  Especially ‘Think’, the last song. That song shows their punk influence the most, especially in the vocals and lyrics. It’s played all super fast and raging, and sounds kinda like if Cryptic Slaughter were a little bit slower and a lotta bit tighter. Killer stuff!

 UNfortunately, some aspects of the mix on this record aren’t very good, so some guitar leads are lost, but overall it’s a pretty good recording.  3 of the 4 tracks on this disk are on the bands ‘space, but my rips actually sound better, so HERE.

 They also have another, punker song up on their page.

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A Night on Bare Mountain and Other Russian Selections – Leopold Stokowski and his Orchestra – 2xEP 1954

Alright, alright. I’ll spare you the long winded musings and reminiscing about how awesome this music is, at least for now anyway.  Just know this: contained upon the brittle plastic disks within this yellowed sleeve is nearly half an hour of some of the best, and most awesomelly intense, symphonic music I have ever heard.  I’m sure you all know ‘A Night On Bare Mountain’ from the film Fantasia.  You know, the seen where Satan summons forth all of the demons, ghosts and witches to frolic in the flames of hell?  Yeah, that was pretty much the coolest thing I had ever seen, accompanied by the coolest music I had ever heard, when I was a little kid.  So naturally I was stok(owski)ed when I found this sweet little double seven inch set for 95 cents. 

Ok, I lied, I’m going to ramble on for a while.  So all you kids that love the Metallicas music better start clicking on this link and listening intently, because this shit, originally composed in 1867 by a psychotic drunk named Modest Moussorgsky, is heavy, fast, frightening and fucking metal.  It even has blast beats, for christ’s sake!  Never mind the fact that those whiny little hipster panty wastes ruined ‘ol Modest’s name.  This music will far outlive their annoying crap. 

This version was ‘orchestrated’ by Leopold Stokowski and is apparently the same score used in the movie.  The excerpt from the liner notes below is him describing the composition in his own words:

So, there you have it.  You’re welcome.

But wait!  That’s not all – there’s two other really awesome songs on this record!  The ‘Russian Easter Overture, Opus 36’ is really good, exciting, haunting, ecstatic and frenetic music.  Check the super creepy vocal part in the middle, and the great french horn parts.  But the best part of this song are the fast parts they are intensely beautiful!  This song was written by some guy named Rimsky-Korsakov, who was apparently Moussorgsky’s friend, so much so that he helped finish ‘A Night On Bare Mountain’ after Modest died. 

The last song is another great tune called the ‘Russian Sailors Dance’.  It starts out a little drunkenly, then gets a bit regal, then gets more and more excited, and before you know it the orchestra starts playing as fast as they can and it is flippin’ radical.  Really awesome song. Really awesome record!

Download a .zip archive with 320Kbps Mp3 files and complete high quality cover scans below!


Eat Cheese Or Die – Post #3

Tribulation – The First Page – demo cassette – 1987

The Gods of  Heavy Metal have smiled upon us all today.

From deep within the deepest Vaults of Rock, a hidden gem has finally been unearthed.  After nearly a quarter century hidden away, the world is only now ready to hear the Power and the Might of  Tribulation.  Behold! Your puny being shall be crushed beneath the awesome Power (and might) which is barely contained within the pitiful plastic case of this demo tape.  The amazing awesomeness and awesome amazingness held herein is so … amazingly …. awesome, that… ahh…. well it’s really not that awesome, actually.  In fact, this is by far some of the most terrible shit I’ve ever heard!

When I saw this tape, at a used book store of all places, my heart rate increased and my palms got all sweaty. I quickly grabbed it and added it to my pile of treasures while glancing around to be sure no one else was coveting my prize.  I knew this shit had to be good.

And I was right!  This is totally inept cheeseball Metal that is somehow still so completely awesome that I can listen to it over and over again! Really, I can listen to it like three times in a row!  The band is generally sloppy as hell, though at times they do pull it together pretty well.  The guitar solos are all completely terrible, but the drumming is right on at least 85% of the time.  In addition to some really questionable post production decisions, such as the hilarious fake pauses in ‘Taking Command’, Tribulation  play several of my favorite cliche metal riffs on this demo.  They also seem to have something of a Christian theme going on in the horrible  lyrics, which is pretty funny.   But the best part about this tape, the part that could someday make this tape infamous the world round, are the vocals. Oh! The VOCALS!  I still laugh out loud every time I hear the singer belt out ” Thee Ay-thee-uuhst!” in ‘The Atheist’.  The vocals are fucking hilarious.  And don’t forget the song ‘Fat Chicks’, a crowd favorite, I’m sure, where we learn that  “It’s always an Orgy with a Fat Chick” and that “We need Fat Chicks to Survive!”  God I love this tape.

Okay, now this is even funnier.  I was wondering what ever happened to these True Warriors of Wisconsin Metal, so I just did a little sleuthing… and I almost fell out of my chair with mirth upon realizing that the drummer from Tribulation now plays with Milwaukee’s very own über hipster, gaze upon thy shoes, gag-me-with-a-post rock band Collections of Colonies of Bees (or CoCoBees, as the true ‘ipsters call ’em)! Ha! I’m so going to one of their shows just to scream out “FAT CHICKS!!!!!” at every sensitive, sit-down-and-sway moment. YAY!  I love being an Asshole.


Actually though, this guy is apparently a solo percussionist now, which is actually pretty cool, and his ambient/noise/jazz music is interesting.  Go figure! In fact, a few days ago, I was at a dour hipster bar and picked up a flier advertising a series of jazz concerts at another bar in my neighbourhood.  I remember being perplexed by the fact that so many of the performers listed on the flier had funny sounding Scandinavian names.  I thought to myself : “Am I totally unaware of an underground Swedish Jazz scene right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?” Well, it turns out that the drummer from Tribulation is setting up these shows with his touring European jazz musician friends!  I know you are probably bored to hell by all of this, but I am terribly amused by this shit.  I’m going to see ’em and have him sign my tape! hahahahahahahahaa

For High Quality MP3 files containing the music from this tape, as well as complete cover scans, etc., please click the link below: