7 inch Polka!

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Li’l Wally – She Likes Kiolbasa b/w Drunk In The Garden 45 195X

From Chicago, Illinois, it’s Li’l Wally! This guy was a super-star back in his day, and his memory will always live on in the hearts of Polka fanatics everywhere.  This is one of his most famous discs, showcasing his simple, stripped down form of Street Polka, basically just a simple drum kit laying down a danceable beat and Li’l Wally singing while he plays his accordian.  On the A-side, Wally sings an infectious little ditty about a lady who enjoys consuming the over-sized Polish sausage called Kiolbasa even more than she likes to eat fish.  The B-side is a pretty song about being drunk which is sung all in Polish.

Li’l Wally is notable for starting his own successful regional record label long before it was common place to do such a thing. In fact, you can still buy his records from Jay Jay today! Check the sight just to see how they’ve changed their famous slogan…

Grab a beer and a sausage & check it out!